Add Proximity Superpowers to Your App

ProxToMe proximity engine enables your apps and devices to detect nearby devices, powering proximity file-sharing, geo-fencing, event checkin, payments and gaming.

Proximity File-Sharing. Tap and zap. Unlimited Gigabytes.

Leverage ProxToMe to power file-sharing between nearby users of your mobile apps. Low power footprint and cloud-based file transfers enable ultra-efficient transfers and blazing quick user experience.

Proximity Payments. Phone-in-Pocket Digital Cash.

Integrate the highly-secure ProxToMe engine to authenticate a user's physical presence, reduce point of sale fraud and enable your app users to pay without taking out their phone or wallet. No dongles, no special hardware.

Proximity Event Management. Connect with Real-world Fans.

Integrate ProxToMe into your event management app to enable automatic event checkin, certify in-venue physical presence, share event-specific content, facilitate attendees networking and exhibitor lead generation.

How does it work?

1.Install the ProxToMe SDK

Proximity-enable your mobile app by installing the PTM Proximity Engine SDK.

2.Detect nearby Bluetooth devices

The engine uses Bluetooth to discover devices within a 250 foot radius and to collect their ProxToMe ID numbers.

3.Securely connect and authorize

The engine sends detected ID numbers to the server and verifies they belong to the ProxToMe database. If yes, it establishes a communication across the wide area network otherwise rejects them.

4.Remote-control cloud transactions

Once connected, devices can send and receive data across the network. Actions and events then rely on your service built on the engine.


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