Give Your Hardware Vision And Voice

Our IoT platform connects any device to the cloud quickly, securely and seamlessly,
allowing for data collection and new revenue-generating services.

Proximity Certification

Proprietary and best-in-class, our technology provides 100% proof of proximity between devices.

IoT Gateway

Gather sensor data consistently from endpoints and generate actions based on input received.

Fog Computing

Low-latency ingestion and immediate processing of data at the edge of the network.

Device Virtualization

Easily connect devices from chips to intelligent appliances to your applications and industry solutions.

Enterprise-Grade Scalability

Reliable and secure bi-directional communications between millions of devices and the cloud.

Fast Time-to-Market

We shortcut the process of collection, normalization and analysis of data reducing overall development time and cost.

Case Studies

Our clients come from a variety of industries, showing how ProxToMe can help lift any business.
Whether you are a retailer aiming at enhancing your customer’s in-store experience or
a service provider staying ahead of competitors, our innovation will help you increase sales.

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The Internet of Things may sound complicated,
but we make it simple.